Don’t Know What Exercise To Do?


A consultation is the foundation of any referral or recommendation. A self-assessment, common health factors, body metrics, and desired outcome are the basics of a consultation. The consultation is used to uncover the challenges that are blocking your path to success. What’s important here is that your personal consultation light the path to the unique set of fitness and nutrition modalities that will work best for you.

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Stuck In A Food Rut?


Know what to buy…and what to leave on the shelf. What we eat makes a difference in the way our bodies look and feel. Success starts at the supermarket, where our healthy choices translate to better overall health and fitness. Our metabolism and nutrition depend on our buying decisions.

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Can’t Find The Motivation Or Consistency?


Spirit Fit allows you to explore all the important questions that impact your body, mind, and spirit. It is an opportunity to speak, listen, notice, and be still. In Spirit Fit, we experience a safe environment in which we “unpack” our questions without fear of judgment. In that freedom, we reflect deeply on our life experiences, often discovering our ability to be consistent with exercise and manage our food cravings.

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“Until I met Max at I am Dr. Fitness I was aimless in my body, mind and spirit goals. Max helped me to find my direction and focus my efforts. Now that I know what I want, I am very intentional about my efforts. This unity of effort brings me toward wholeness. I have particularly appreciated the challenge and encouragement that Max uses in his approach to fitness.“

Mr. Jack Logue
Director, Spirituality Center, St. Vince

“I am Dr. Fitness has transformed my life. My fitness assessment revealed that I was over weight. But after my 1st session I realized that I had found a professional team of great trainers and superb motivators. The array of techniques used allowed me to address my weight challenge and attitude about healthy living. The I am Dr. Fitness team has given me the tools for lifetime fitness success.”

Jeffrey Chartrand
Executive Director Chartrand Foundation


Why should I choose I am Dr. Fitness?

We can help you achieve health and fitness results you haven’t been able to get on your own.

What does your company provide that others don't?

Your unique fitness goals are our priority. We deliver fitness services to our clients, at times and locations that are convenient.

How much weight can I realistically expect to lose with your program?

It will depend on your level of commitment to your fitness program. 90% of our clients reach their fitness goals.



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